3 Days of Writing, Connection, and Inspiration

Join our 6th annual

Virtual Spring Writing Retreat

This writing retreat is an immersive 3-day virtual experience with 8 talented and experienced instructors. Attendees will have full access to live classes throughout the retreat weekend, lifetime access to all of the replays and documents on our members-only website, and access to our private group on Facebook.

An immersive 3-day weekend...

This writing retreat is an immersive 3-day virtual experience with me, Audrey Hughey, the founder of the Author Transformation Alliance (ATA), and an array of talented and experienced instructors.


As a virtual retreat ticket holder, you'll receive access to live classes throughout the retreat weekend, our members-only website, and our private group on Facebook.

Connection: Network with kindred spirits, authors just like you!

Creativity: Reignite your creativity with group writing exercises.

Learning: Attend sessions on craft, publishing, and marketing.

Renewal: Use this weekend to restore your creative spirit for 2023

Reviews from past attendees...

A weekend stay-cation for writers to connect without time-consuming flights, expensive hotels, or stressful driving 🙏

The writing retreat experience shouldn't be limited to those who have the time and money to travel.

Affordable and accessible to more people from all walks of life. Even more so when people from all over North American (and the world) can connect and enjoy this experience together. For just $25 per day, you'll have access to all the live classes, the class replays, our private retreat group, and live implementation sessions after the retreat so you can get all your questions answered and have support for implementing what you learned.

 Our theme of "Light as a Feather" continues from previous years because we believe it is crucial to restoration and weaving joy throughout our writing practice. Through this theme, our intention is to help you create an author's life that is wholistically easier, more enjoyable, and filled with freedom and joy.


All of our workshops, activities, and group time will hold this intention and together we'll work on how we can make writing, publishing, marketing, and your day-to-day life as an author easier, more enjoyable, and furthermore fulfilling. 

So much value, and so affordable.

Each attendee will receive: 

🌟 Unlimited, permanent access to over $2,328 in classes, workshops, printables, and downloadable resources.

🌟 Two Live follow-up and Q&A/Implementation sessions in the private retreat group ($194 value)

🌟 Opportunities to connect with instructors, network with your fellow writers, and expand your writing group

🌟 Permanent access to all printable and downloadable workbooks and add-on content

🌟 A retreat ticket that totals in value to well over $2,500!

It's not just about writing or sales...

It's about renewing your creative spirit in all aspects...

Our intent is to help you reignite your imaginative spark with your creativity in all aspects and stages of the writing and publishing cycle. From brainstorming and drafting to publishing and marketing, your creativity helps you find new ways to reach your most important writing and publishing goals. Whether you're working on your first novel or your fiftieth, our sessions will help spark the ideas that that move you in new and better directions, giving you new energy to carry you through the year.

Here's the plan for our 3-day virtual retreat...

Friday, March 24


Our first day will be primarily focused on the craft and practice of writing.

Saturday, March 25


Saturday will focus on in-between tasks to prepare for and publish your book.

Sunday, March 26


Our final day together will focus on author marketing, business, and mindset.

A total value of: $2,522

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for only $297



What if I can't attend all the sessions live?

We post everything

to our private retreat library.

As a ticket holder, you'll have lifetime access to all of the video replays, workbooks, downloadables, and printables.

You can watch every class as many times as you need, whenever you want. Throughout the year, you can hold your own learning and writing getaway weekends with the content your receive with your ticket. What you get from this weekend can last you for months or years to come.

Retreat Attendees Private Website Sneak Peek


Why are two classes listed in each time block in the afternoons?

In order to provide a healthy range of topics to authors at various levels of experience and stages of authorship, we have two class options per time block each afternoon during the retreat weekend. This provides every attendee the opportunity to select the class that can most help them advance and handle the challenges they currently face.

Can I attend even if I don't live in the United States?

Yes! One thing is for certain about writers: no two writers are alike, and that includes the times they are active. We always have a mix of night owls and morning people, and that means you can attend as many live sessions as you like no matter where you live if you're willing to be up during the times the classes are taking place.

Why are all the classes and time blocks show in US Eastern time?

Most of our instructors and attendees reside in the United States and are familiar with the time differences between US Eastern and their local timezone. If you need help figuring out the difference between US Eastern and your local timezone, please visit the following link: www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Where will the virtual retreat be hosted and how do I join the sessions?

Once you purchase your ticket, you'll be provided an opportunity to log in to the retreat website. In the learning area, you'll be able to see each session listed under the day it takes place. You'll have access to the workbook no fewer than 3 days before the retreat begins, and each class description will include the Zoom meeting link you can use to join the call at its designated time.

Can I ask the instructors questions after they finish their presentations?

Yes! Our retreat is known for instructors who create conversation around the topic they're presenting and provide plenty of time and opportunity to expand on their presentations. We are a warm and welcoming group, and we truly care about making sure that you walk away from this weekend with more knowledge, inspiration, and friendship than you had before.

What is your refund policy? How can I request a refund?

We prefer not to do refunds as each ticket helps pay the instructors for the time they spend preparing, practicing, researching, and presenting their classes. The retreat cadre spend months preparing to deliver a mind-blowing, creatively-inspiring weekend. That being said, we always strive to be understanding, kind, and compassionate, and we will consider all requests.

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