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Want a head start on your 2023 planning?

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Planners for authors, by an author...

My signature planners include the yearly Author's Planner and its non-dated sister, The Ultimate Authorship Planner. These planners were designed for authors who need to balance writing, publishing, and marketing tasks alongside the rest of their lives. This planner series ensure that writing remains central to your life while offering customizable systems to help you balance the creative, administrative, and business aspects of authorship. They also encourage you to keep your whole life integrated rather than separate.

I also have a series of other more acutely focused planners, such as the Monthly Writing Focus Planner (focused on writing only) and The Essential Book Launch Planner.

Planning, publishing, and social media...

Consider this your new hub for affordable, time-efficient, actionable courses to help you better plan, walk you through your self-publishing adventures, and build your online presence.

Support, accountability, friendship.

Often times, knowledge alone is not enough. We not only need systems to manage ourselves and our writing businesses, but we need a team of friends who understand what it means to be a creative. We also need a variety of accountability systems to help us adhere to our commitments, strive for growth, and aim for our most meaningful goals. The Author Transformation Alliance is designed to help you in each of those areas and even backs you up with our robust Author Training Library. You'll have a rounded experience to help you focus on exactly what you need each month to move the needle and progress to your vision.


Kindness | Purpose | Authenticity

I strive to embody kindness, to live and take action with purpose, and to be authentic in all that I do.

While no one is perfect, I employ personal habit systems to live as fully in alignment with my ideals as possible. I also encourage these values in those I work with and support. We could all do with a little more kindness in the world; the minutes of our lives should be embraced and imbued with meaning; and we shouldn't have to change who we are to be accepted by others.

You are enough as you are, even as a work in progress. You need no caveats.

How I can help you

Planners and workbooks to help you achieve progress and growth toward your most meaningful goals.

Want a one-off course on a specific topic to get you through your current obstacle? I may have just what you need in my delightful little store.

Our community is positive, uplifting, and focused on provide you accountability, support, and a wealth of resources for advancement.

Audrey genuinely cares about each and every person she serves. She pours her heart into her work and her clients. I highly recommend the ATA membership AND her one on one / group coaching services. Such an incredible value for all the tools and support she provides!

- Dafne Wiswell, The Chronic Illness Coach


If you'd like to learn more, please send me a message. I'd love to hear from you.

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